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the path of wellness is one of the pillars of recovery

We support the woman who wants to follow her own right path and create her program of wellness.

In addiction, there's a moment when we have a moment of clarity and decide to leave behind our old life and embrace the one we've been dreaming of. 

Building a wellness program results in the start of inspired, transforming recovery. Our in-house coaches and near-by experienced clinicians are here as supports as you make your life into a sober, life-affirming force.  

We're working closely with the area's clinicians and, now since the advent of the new era of Covid-19, we're also working long distances with mental health experts from the various rehabs that refer to us. Clinical professionals bring an important healing element for support and healing of each and every woman. As always, we hope that residents move toward self-observation and accountability.

Wellness-Mental Health 

What is our clinical collaborative?

Following the referring rehab's recommendations, we help you set appointments for your clinical with intensive outpatient providers  through telehealth or in person with nearby IOPs - Project Courage and Recovery Services of Connecticut. Or, we can also assist you in making appointments with the area's most effective private practitioners in CBT, DBT, Neurofeedback, and EMDR. Each resident is urged to continue or find the therapist that works best for them.

Our recovery coaches are highly trained and certified. They work closely with residents in our sober living, they are the heartbeat of our houses and share helpful information with clinicians. They are dedicated to our residents on a one to one basis and serve with a set of binding ethics. Every resident is greeted with open arms so they know from the start that we are available, day or night to help you sort through recovery and that there's a team supporting you.

What is our policy on medication?

We support Vivitrol, Sublacade or Naltrexone. We use a keyed locker system to safely hold medication and oversee medication distribution when requested.

What is our view of the 12-steps?

We believe in the proven 12-step process. Residents can complete the 12-steps prior to discharging and return to help others.

How do we format our workshops?

We meet daily to read from various 12-step and Hazelden literature and discuss. We practice the 11th step in our morning workshops.

How do Smashbooks and Horses go together?

Residents often arrive with an unrealistic sense of self. For instance, feelings about themselves and others are often extreme and unregulated. With one of our four-legged friends there is a calming influence. Residents find acceptance without rationalizing. From that small start, relationships with people can be built and smashbooks are a good place to put on paper the thoughts and feelings that come and go in early recovery.

Wellness - Physical Health

Getting physical is a great way to relieve stress, distract yourself from circular thinking, build healthy habits and re-orient your mind. Getting physically active and eating right literally results in feeling the natural rewards of dopamine while also charging self-awareness and  empowerment. The rewards of connection and friendship are a natural result of many facets of our house, but especially the ones involving those fun, physical activities that we take turns planning.

How about yoga?

We provide membership in both Body Karma and Centered Yoga studios. We have also committed one day per week to in-house yoga.

Can I bike ride?

We have 5 bikes at the house available for sign-out. Just sign and go! We frequently put the bikes on the bike rack and drive to the paved trails at one of the state parks.

Where can I hike?


Our area has trails too numerous to mention. Our favorite is Chatfield Hollow State Park.

How about kayaking?

We can launch the house kayaks from the town dock or a near-by river of your choice. Ask for available for a ride to bring the kayaks and then, just sign and go!

How about skiing?

One of our coaches is an avid skier and travels north to the mountains every weekend. She always welcomes company on the trip!

Wellness - Spiritual Health

Recovery allows us the chance to grow again. Soul work, reclaiming your values or your moral compass becomes important for many who enter long term recovery. We offer meditation practice. Becoming present is one of the best ways we know to become mindful and rekindle the relationship you had with your soulful self.
Addressing "soul" in terms of recovery may mean examining your attitude toward life and deciding "how" to use the talents that you have.  Or it may mean honoring a set of values that help you determine where you really belong in this world. 

Do you offer yoga?

We provide membership in both Body Karma and Centered Yoga studios. We have also committed one day per week to in-house yoga.

How to incorporate mindfulness

All that we do encourages the introspection of finding yourself in the present as you work and go about your business. With practice, it is simple to be present. It eliminates the obsessive thinking that derails our recovery. When we stay mindful, we do not worry about the future or find regrets in our past to fret about. No, we are fully present and aware of how we are feeling and what we are doing. 

How to make singing part of recovery and spirituality

There is a full complement of religious organizations in our area with choirs. We also have a coffee shop that hosts a sober open mic.

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After rehab, in-home care, and/or extended care, we think sober living is the next logical step toward recovery life. From SAMHSA research, we offer the four pillars of recovery: (1) community, (some life skill support,) (2) mental and physical wellness; including membership at the gym and yoga studio, an emphasis on whole food in shared evening meals, and professional therapy delivered from the surrounding community, (3) finding purpose in work or school and (4) re-integrating into a re-structured family dynamic or a new home. We welcome those with or without a history of treatment and understand that a whole - person - healing is needed to allow sustainable recovery to begin.