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the path of wellness is part of recovery

You Design Your Post-rehab Wellness Program and We Help you Stay on Track 

We support the woman who wants to follow her own right path and create her program of wellness. Regain your compass.

In addiction, there's a moment when we have clarity and decide to leave behind our old life. With that decision, we can begin building a wellness program of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Our in-house

coaches, near-by experienced clinicians are here as supports as you make your life into a sober, life-affirming force.  A yoga studio membership is included plus we are located in an area that is enriched with both cultural and outdoor activities. Our residents take turns leading the house in fun activities every week. 

"Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it is deep."

(F. Frankfurter)


The first year can be a blur at times. We have good working relationships with the area's clinicians and, now since the advent of Covid-19, we are also developing good long distance relationships with mental health experts from the various rehabs that refer to us. Clinical professionals bring an important healing element for support and healing of each and every woman. For sustainable recovery, we hope with the help of both therapy and the 12-steps, residents continue toward honest  self-observation and accountability.


Our program includes horses at Westbrook Hunt Club and other animals at the Farm Animal Rescue. The research states that horses are “perfect mirrors, since they are very emotional beings” which allows those participating in equine therapy to experience human-like interactions with someone that doesn't know shame or guilt. Imagine having reactions to events that are not intertwined with an ego; good, bad or apathetic, they are simply your feelings.


Getting physical is a great way to relieve stress, distract yourself from circular thinking, build healthy habits and re-orient your mind. Getting physically active and eating right literally results in feeling the natural rewards of dopamine while also charging self-awareness and  empowerment. The rewards of connection and friendship are a natural result of many facets of our house, but especially the ones involving those fun, physical activities that we take turns planning. 


After they have settled in. we ask women to share what they are interested in by preparing a lesson for the rest of us. It can be on any topic wh. Some examples are cooking class, eye health, photography, dog training, setting up a non-profit, etc. We believe becoming a lifelong learner is critical to recovery. It reflects the opposite of being the "know-it-all" we may have been in addiction.


Recovery allows us the chance to grow again.  Reclaiming your values or your moral compass becomes important for many who enter long term recovery. We offer meditation practice because becoming present is one of the best ways we know to become mindful and rekindle the relationship you had with your soulful self. Using the 12-steps in addressing "soul" in terms of recovery may mean examining your attitude toward life and deciding "how" to use the talents that you have.  Living with others may mean honoring a set of values that help you determine where you really belong in this world. 


We have art and crafts on Friday nights. We complete projects that reflect the 12-steps. 

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After rehab, in-home care, and/or extended care, we think sober living is the next logical step toward recovery life. From SAMHSA research, we offer the four pillars of recovery: (1) community, (some life skill support,) (2) mental and physical wellness; including membership at the gym and yoga studio, an emphasis on whole food in shared evening meals, and professional therapy delivered from the surrounding community, (3) finding purpose in work or school and (4) re-integrating into a re-structured family dynamic or a new home. We welcome those with or without a history of treatment .

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