The first step in making better choices is to simply be brutally honest about your own behavior to yourself. What are the choices you are making? How are you spending your time? What are you neglecting that you shouldn't?



Meditation is a centuries old method of stress relief that is now being scientifically shown to provide great benefits to recovery, maintaining focus as well as a possible anti-aging benefit. 


We follow the research that says that the 12-steps are the most effective way to stay in long-term recovery. We attend meetings and offer five workshops per week on 12-step.


Yoga provides an excellent source of stress relief and pain relief as well helping to align the mind. We use Body Karma, The Yoga Shop, Center Yoga, Saybrook Soul Sweat Ropes Yoga. Raven's Wing and Bikrum Hot Yoga.


We honor our ability to pray, reflect and meditate by walking the labyrinth.


A singing bowl and guided meditation to self-insight and self-awareness in Chester's Sound Retreat, a beautiful summer house surrounded by acres and acres of woods.


Once you begin recovery, there are many ways to explore your attitudes toward the world and your part in your life based on your values.  We call that your "spiritual" life but there are many more definitions of spiritual. Some of your attitudes and values may be new to you and some may be old. We give you a daily reminder that you can change and grow. Through our built-in mindful approach, structure and support of the sober house, residents can change everyday and have a chance to explore, discuss and reflect on their values and examine their attitude toward life. 

Often when addiction is raging within, there are no redeemable values and the mind has snapped shut. The attitude is one of "know-it-allness" and hopelessness in satisfying the inner drive to escape reality. When recovery begins, anxiety may reign for the short term, but studies show that as people find and live their value system, they feel better about themselves and their anxiety goes down. It is when we are away from our value system in active addiction, that we lose ourselves, becoming more anxious and afraid. We incorporate defining and living a personal set of values into our workshops, recreation and assistance in exploring work and education options. Residents add meaning and values to their new life.

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After rehab, in-home care, and/or extended care, we think sober living is the next logical step toward recovery life. From SAMHSA research, we offer the four pillars of recovery: (1) community, (some life skill support,) (2) mental and physical wellness; including membership at the gym and yoga studio, an emphasis on whole food in shared evening meals, and professional therapy delivered from the surrounding community, (3) finding purpose in work or school and (4) re-integrating into a re-structured family dynamic or a new home. We welcome those with or without a history of treatment and understand that a whole - person - healing is needed to allow sustainable recovery to begin.