Find Your Right Path
at sober living in Clinton

Healing from addiction : Our Absolute Value

Specializing in post-rehab, structured sober living for women, we're more than certified, safe and comfortable housing. 


  • live-in recovery coach

  • self-directed recovery with regular coaching

  • morning and afternoon in-house workshops

  • Friday night art and a meeting

  • four-legged counselors (cat and dog)

  • 12-panel in-house screening

  • bicycles available

  • kayaks available

  • Alumni meeting 

  • escorted rides available (two ride packages available)

  • peer-driven weekend activities

  • ample work opportunities with in-house coaching support

  • gym or yoga studio memberships

  • vast 12-step community

  • coming soon:equine therapy


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Your Life, Your Freedom

It's your decision where you'll go

We'll help you GPS your recovery with the guidance of science from SAMSHA

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Make Yourself At Home .


Our schedule is flexible. Our program designed by science. Our area is amazing. Bring your enthusiasm for recovery and open your mind.

Schedule. Make yours and we'll help you stick to it.

We require that our house members create a schedule for a 30- 40 hour "work" week. Your schedule can include gym, yoga or exercise hours, time for mental health appointments, outside 12-step meetings and a spiritual practice. It can include work, school or volunteer hours as well as in-house workshops. Your coach acts as coach and case manager to fill your unique schedule. Everyone's will be different. 

  • Morning and Evening Workshops

  • Saturday Equine

  • Saturday House and Alumni Meeting

  • Evening shared dinners

  • Weekly (or more often) meet with your coach/case manager

colleges near our sober house.

Right Path is surrounded by educational institutions within thirty minutes driving time or on the train line (35 minutes). Here are some links to the most commonly attended schools in our area: Free high school available for those under 21.

  • Southern Connecticut State University

  • Yale University

  • Gateway/Middlesex/Three Oaks Community College

  • Albertus Magnus

  • University of New Haven

workshops on-site at our sober living.

We offer workshops both mornings and afternoons for residents to connect with each other and bond through reading and discussing recovery literature, the Basic Text, the Big Book and doing 12-step work together. 

art: not your average hobby.

We periodically have art class or ceramics at Fired Up Ceramics.

Action: plan of wellness in sober Living. 

Wellness encompasses mental, physical and spiritual health. At Right Path, it starts with the 12-steps.They offer community and a chance to practice relationships. From that base, we build a program of wellness. We practice the steps and continue recommended  mental health appointments. Physical health is also critical to the well being of our recovery and a gym or yoga studio membership is included, along with bikes and kayaks for your use.

Weekends allow for coordinating fun activities.

our sober house policy on Time. 

Addiction is always in a hurry, but our coaches can point to the pit-falls of rushing into too much work or school. Coaches can help you slow down and allow for each step of the recovery process to take hold.  After addiction, we believe that most will achieve success if they take action but don't let their disease rush them. 

  • Yoga

  • Mindfulness groups 

  • Trauma work

our Sober house 
policy on Tests.

We screen using both a 12-panel with temperature, individual 72 hour ETG sticks and a breathylzer. We also engage a lab (insurance covers it) for those watching their THC and other levels go down. 

alumni coaching and meeting.

Saturdays. we start off with yoga at 9 and a speaker meeting at 10.


We support self-assessment and responsibility. Our atmosphere of willingness and openness is established in our workshops lead by our coaches and senior house members. 



Spirituality commonly indicates being accountable and pro-active about recovery. Feeling less anxious, more courageous and purposeful comes from defining and living with a power greater than ourselves.

coaches for our sober house.

The people in your community should model the critical dedication to putting their recovery first, self-assessment, compassion and patience necessary to maintain longer term recovery. With a recovery coach as leader, having a community of supportive women allows you to create your own skilled recovery practice, get back to work and find your tribe of like-minded people. House members must be capable of living harmoniously with others. Life skill assistance is available through extra coaching hours.

work or

Perhaps the most important thing a coach does is give you the courage to be yourself, learn how to prioritize and follow your right path. That includes reassuring

you that you can have ambitions and that you can still live your dream. We'll help you get started. You decide where you'll end up.


Saturdays at 11:30. Ground working horses reveals our self-awareness.

about us

Right Path takes pride in supporting newly recovered women who want to live free from addiction. In a comfortable structured home in a quiet, residential neighborhood, we specialize in post-treatment, 12-step based sober living that combines with clinical support from the community. With added coaching support, The Equine Experience and the support of other residents, you will have the freedom to create and practice a balanced life of meaningful work, recovery and fun.