Experiential and other Equine Therapy

The Pillar of Structure and Safety

Our house is gently structured and nestled
into a quiet neighborhood

To us, 12-step sober living is more than safe and comfortable housing. We looked at the research and we found that successful sober living homes offer an enriched recovery.

Taking from the research, here are our four pillars of recovery that build our gently structured day : (1) community - shared dinners, daily workshops and fun activities (2) wellness - yoga studio membership, healthy meals, spiritual practice, and participating in professional therapy for mental health (3) sense of purpose in work, volunteering or attending school and (4) structure and safety practices. For someone working part-time, here's an average weekday:


7:30 Morning Meeting

9:00 - 3:00 Work or IOP (this varies widely)

3:00 Study Hall

4:00 NA or AA related reading and discussion

6:00 Dinner

Fridays are Art and Crafts or Game Night

Saturdays are Equine Experience, Psychic Saturdays and/or Fun Activity and/or "Interesting Topic"

8:00 am Open Speaker Meeting on Sundays 

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A community that is

The people in your community should model the critical dedication, self-assessment, compassion and patience necessary to maintain longer term recovery. With a recovery coach as leader, having a community of supportive women allows you to create your own skilled recovery practice.  

A plan of wellness that requires action.

Wellness encompasses mental, physical and spiritual health. We draw from our in-house activities and from the wider community. Since the advent of Covid-19, we have made extensive use of telehealth and ZOOM. 

Find your purpose.
Start small. 

Finding your purpose in life is critical to your recovery. Addiction is always in a hurry, but our coaches can point to the pit-falls of rushing into too much work or school. Coaches can help you slow down and allow for each step of the recovery process to take hold.  After addiction, we believe that most will achieve success if they don't let their disease rush them.

Spirit, the voice inside you that says, "do the next right thing."

We value self-assessment and responsibility. After some time spent talking about and contemplating your spiritual self you may find yourself contributing back to the world you once avoided. In the clear headed waters of recovery, you'll become more and more accountable for your actions which contributes in a positive way to our gently structured, well-organized household.  

Safe and Sober
ght Path House Private room with Owl and
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After rehab, in-home care, and/or extended care, we think sober living is the next logical step toward recovery life. From SAMHSA research, we offer the four pillars of recovery: (1) community, (some life skill support,) (2) mental and physical wellness; including membership at the gym and yoga studio, an emphasis on whole food in shared evening meals, and professional therapy delivered from the surrounding community, (3) finding purpose in work or school and (4) re-integrating into a re-structured family dynamic or a new home. We welcome those with or without a history of treatment .