"@context": "http://www.schema.org", "@type": "LodgingBusiness", "name": "Right Path House", "url": "www.rightpathhouse.com", "image": "Right Path House", "description": "To us, sober living is more then safe and comfortable housing. We provide residents with additional support through a dedicated recovery coach, case manager and in-house workshops. For each person in our sober living house, we find the right local clinical program to build a recovery life that is purpose-driven. Our personalizing a program for each resident is our heartbeat.", "address": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "streetAddress": "23 Elmwood Way", "addressLocality": "Clinton", "addressRegion": "CT Connecticut", "postalCode": "06413" }, "contactPoint": { "@type": "ContactPoint", "telephone": "2033391191", "contactType": "cell phone" } }

Meet The Team

We wrap the services you need around you

We have relationships with the area's

  • Clinicians

  • Coaching services : Right Path In-house, AWARE, and PROJECT COURAGE

  • Intensive Outpatient Services

Sober House

Our Coaches help you GPS your way

With the help of a seasoned and certified coach, you can create a network of sober support and set up a recovery routine that helps you find your internal direction toward a life full of sustainable recovery wellness. 

  • Every resident is assigned a recovery coach

  • Develop self-directed accountability.

  • Reach for your dreams

  • Meet challenges with an experienced person.

  • With you, they will search out the best resources to enrich your recovery life: recreation, education or finding a better job.

Coaches that understand

One of the fundamentals of recovery is having a person to be accountable to, to talk to, share your dreams and have fun.

Kate Peterson


Kate shares her ability to put recovery first. Her desire to share the joy of living free from addiction comes through with every person she coaches. With three years of experience in helping others, she's working here and back in school to become a CAC.

me in ahat.jpg

Lisa Ferguson, MS

Lead Coach and Manager

Lisa 's desire to help others find their voice and path in recovery shows so clearly in how she designed the program at Right Path. Every person that she welcomes into the house is nurtured and held accountable with gentleness. She believes you can do more than stay sober, you can flourish.

Family at a Beach

Our Area's Clinical

Clinical teams vary according to your needs.

Jake Clapp

Jake Clapp

Senior Coach
BackYard at High Tide.jpg

Rob Schiffer

Madison Manager


Our recovery coaches are 12 step based, highly trained and certified. Working closely with residents in our sober living, they are the heartbeat of our houses. They are dedicated to our residents on a one to one basis and serve with a set of binding ethics. Every resident is greeted with open arms so they understand we are available, day or night to help you sort through recovery. Click the icon to read our recovery coach code of ethics.

Recovery living and Equine therapy

How about four-legged friends at Westbrook Hunt?

The research states that horses are “perfect mirrors, since they are very emotional beings” which allows those participating in equine therapy to experience human-like interactions with someone that doesn't judge, shame or guilt. .

Poke doing Yoga.jpg


Pokey is very friendly and ready to be petted. Here she demonstrates her yoga abilities.

dog look.JPG


Cole is a sensitive empath. 

Baby Goats

Baby Goats

While we don't have the goats at the house, we travel to see them at a near-by farm. They invariably fall asleep in our arms.