We know that moving from rehab into recovery life can be more challenging than expected

Addiction is treatable. We believe you can find your right path. We believe your recovery can be as empowering as you want it to be. We believe you can find purpose that sustains you and a community that fully supports and understands you. We believe in you.

Who we accept

We're suitable for those who are ready to gain the depth of recovery that is beyond the intellectual. We believe recovery is understanding where you became an addict and how to change that person so you can fully live your recovery.  But that takes time and work because improved outcomes generally occur when the stay is more then six months.

We support more than just obtaining an understanding of addiction and sobriety,  we believe in addressing your entire life from the beginning. We recommend including your emotional balance, physical empowerment, purpose/career path and spiritual attitude in

your daily plans.

Please call 203-339-1191 to speak confidentially with a member of our team. You are the only one that can start writing the next chapter of your life. The quality of your recovery is your decision, so when you choose your next step after rehab, choose a good sober living in a good women's sober house. 

Long-term Wellness (Recovery) is the mission of our sober living

At rehab we hear the news that we have a "fatal and chronic disease." According to recovery research,  it's both a "thinking" disease and a physical "allergy".  Why would anyone think that detox or detox and 30 days of rehab is enough time to understand and fully grasp the seriousness and depth of our situation? We've been waging a war with ourselves and with the world, sometimes for years and suddenly, at rehab, we find out there is no war, just surrender to our recovery. The disease, which never stops rushing around, tells us that we're ready to return to our former life. For only 33% of us, this is true. Recovery, which is different from life before the rehab, needs a period of structure and support that prioritizes recovery over all else so that a successful transition can be made into recovery life.

Twelve Step, shared evening meals, therapy, expressive therapy, the yoga studio, and the Sound Retreat are all offered to help you find your way toward peace inside. Once you know the way and can read the sign posts, life meets recovery. When emotionally upset, which is bound to happen in recovery life, you'll know what to do to quiet the extreme emotion and unrealistic thinking that you may suffer through in the first year or more of recovery. Sober living helps women stay safer while returning to work or school and re-integrating into their family, or for some, setting up an entirely new life. After rehab, the healing is evidenced by becoming increasingly empowered and by making a practice of recovery wellness a natural part of every day. In order to this, we ask our residents to step outside their comfort zone by being honest and open to new horizons. 

Who We Serve

We serve graduates of 30, 60 or 90 day programs. They enter our program able to live independently and harmoniously in a community sober living. We welcome those with a history of treatment and/or a history of trauma. We accept residents taking Vivitrol, Naltrexone and Sublocade.


We can complete an intake over the phone. Before you arrive, we would like to let you know what to bring, give you an over view of what to expect in an average week and let you know our simple guidelines for harmony.

Services and Aligned Services

12-Step workshops and monitoring
Certified Recovery Coaches (24/7 in extended care)
Gym Membership
Employment preparation 
Education planning and support
Sober living success skills
Share meals (Meal plan available at additional cost))
24/7 recovery coaching
Escort and Transportation available (Transportation plan available at additional cost)

Private Practice Providers

Intensive Outpatient Programs supporting recovery from Eating Disorders, Addiction, Young People's Addiction, DBT and LBGTQ

Recreation (at cost)


Equine and Art Therapy

A Note to Parents

I am truly blessed to be a parent of an adult child in recovery. I would not wish it on anyone, but since it is part of our family, we have learned that there is a good side to addiction - recovery and with that new levels of honesty and openness. It was not an easy road for her or for me as her witness. I saw that there was a serious lack of affordable sober living houses that offered a program of wrap around support. I believe that our long-term sober house can offer your family the program that she and I pieced together. My 27 year old niece in Florida, attempted to recover, went to three rehabs in one year but died at the end of that very year on January 4, 2016. I work in her memory. I offer sober living because I understand that after rehab, it takes a long time to own your recovery and be able to defend it as if your life depends on it because, it does.

There is so much hope and healing to be done as a parent and as a family through Al-Anon, Families Anonymous and other 12-step programs. We understand what families of addicts are going through. Because we know that addiction can turn your life inside-out, we're always available. We strongly recommend participation in the family education day hosted by Positive Choices, the on-going support offered at Project Courage, locally by Liz Wilson or Vincent Samoulis, and especially your own therapists in your own area.  

Clinton, Connecticut

We are located in the beautiful shoreline town of Clinton. We're less than a mile from the beach and within 15 minutes of over 75 meetings, the gym, museums, the Sound Retreat, horse-back riding and off-road biking at Hammonasett Beach. We're far enough away from "the action"  of cities like New York, New Haven and New London so that residents are in a less triggering environment, yet close enough that we can safely travel there for a group outing.

Located in suburban neighborhoods, Right Path has many of the comforts of home in an inviting, pro-active and compassionate atmosphere. Private rooms are sometimes available but pets are not currently permitted to live there but are welcome to visit. 

Need more information? Call or send a confidential email.

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After rehab, in-home care, and/or extended care, we think sober living is the next logical step toward recovery life. From SAMHSA research, we offer the four pillars of recovery: (1) community, (some life skill support,) (2) mental and physical wellness; including membership at the gym and yoga studio, an emphasis on whole food in shared evening meals, and professional therapy delivered from the surrounding community, (3) finding purpose in work or school and (4) re-integrating into a re-structured family dynamic or a new home. We welcome those with or without a history of treatment and understand that a whole - person - healing is needed to allow sustainable recovery to begin.