Recovery Women


We have 106 years of cumulative recovery time. Alone, we may fumble for years for the key, but together, we can unlock the heaviest of doors and stride through them.

By healing the underlying causes of your addiction, you'll empower your growth as a sober woman. 





Founder and Principal

In 1988 Lisa went to her first 12-step meeting and feel in love the complexities of the soul as it tries to recover from addiction and the genius of the 12-steps. With recovery also came a new world-she turned around her failing horse farm because she saw the beauty in every person and the sanctity of what transpires between a person and a horse. While the horse farm is now her friend's, she still carries that love of horses. She combines all the moving pieces that SAMSHA recommends for lasting recovery in Right Path House. She's raised three children with her husband, Rob. The whole family is in recovery.     



House Manager and Workshop Leader

Alysa is a loving and honest person. While she is an exemplary sober woman, she's also an artist and creative master. She sees good in each of us and brings it out. She'll never lose sight of her goal, to grow as a sober woman and she conveys that deep sense of purpose. In keeping with the philosophy to live your best life, she not only showcases her ability in the art workshops she offers, but also takes her high energy to help organize fun things to do. We are, after all, located in a resort area on the Connecticut Shore. 



Family Coach

The family often does now know how to get out of the way of recovery. Stacey can help people realize that the future is coming whether you're prepared or not, so it's best to learn a thing or two about what a healthy boundary looks like and it's purpose as a real helper in recovery. She also offers self-care coaching so you'll always have oxygen.  

The Rose


Workshop Leader and Recovery Coach

Carina is an amazing young woman whose story if full of pain and healing, defeat and triumph. She knows that you will stay sober with hard work and when you find yourself. She can introduce you at our full-service gym, help you obtain work, get to 12-step, apply to School of Rock or one of the seven local colleges. She has experience beyond her years because she's doing the hard work of recovery and it shows in her compassion and insight. 

Snow Flowers


Workshop Leader and Recovery Coach

TBA can smooth the way for you to make new friends over a home cooked meal, reconnect to family, and find the perfect clinical support for you. Her specialty is in her Big Book workshop and applying 'these principles in all our affairs'. She follows an amazing program of honesty herself and sets an example of recovery that's hard to duplicate but great to aspire to. 

Cole Head Shot.jpg


Assistant Recovery Coach

Cole is a pure-bred Labrador Retriever better known as a chocolate lab. He accepts all hugs and keeps all secrets. There is no end to his patience or love of tennis balls. He swims at Hammonaset year round and is a seasoned pro at being a therapy dog for nearly nine years.