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Getting back to basics

Everytime I struggle I struggle because I am focused on work instead of going to meetings, talking with my sponsor and helping others. I see it in others, too. There's so much to be said about acknowledging this disease. I mean, deep down. When I breathe, I need to feel it inside of me. It needs my attention every day if I want my life to fall into place. And it will, if I am willing to follow the simple care package I was handed when I began my journey in recovery.

So, I plan around my meetings, my recovery community and my steps. The steps are after all the most massive self-examination I will and have ever done. I do it so that life will fall into place. I do it in order to fit into a community. I do it to be at peace with myself and to ease my anxiety.

I try to imbue the house or anyone asking for help with the importance of this style of life, this reversal of living, that is necessary for me, a person with the progressive and fatal disease of addiction.

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