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Right Path House 

a recovery community and sober living house for women.

Be the real you and create a sustainable recovery. Find your own right path.

Herb Plants

"I'm allowing myself to see inside myself."


Anna C., Alumna

Come alive again.

  • Structured sober living home

  • Self-directed recovery path with coaching

  • Live-in recovery coach

  • Onsite daily workshops

  • Partnered with IOP and OP professional services

  • Gardening, cooking, art and gym/yoga

  • Optional transportation package

  • Equine experience

  • Family care  

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Street View of Sober Living House in Connecticut.jpg

Your Right Path is yours 

Living sober exposes the challenge between the "book learning" you're absorbing in rehab and the wisdom to be gained in actual practice. It is often challenging to live sober after rehab. We are ready to welcome you to your dedicated recovery coach and a vast 12-step community of people that understands recovery. Connecting you with supportive recovery professionals from IOP, OP and other coaching programs, your recovery services are tailored exactly for you. Add our onsite multi-faceted workshops. peer-driven fun activities and Equine Experience and say "yes" to making a life-affirming step in your recovery. 

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