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At Right Path House, we welcome people as they transition from rehab into life. Here we have a different standard in mind.

Right Path has a vision

At Right Path, we believe in the power of little things, like making your bed and showing up on time. We believe that hope is found every time, anytime we help each other. 

The Beach


We believe that recovery becomes foundational when people feel valued. There's a vibration in the house workshops, a sense that we can get through the difficult stuff in a gentle, noncombative way.  It is never about being right, it's about making sharing into an art. Self-esteem soars. 


We get that everyone is in a different place. We respect that. Yet, there's a collaborative environment here. There's clean comfortable rooms and great meals being served, but they're not just handed out. House members are making that happen.      

  • make friends in our sober house through our dinners and 12-step workshops

  • have assistance finding clinical and medical support (including IOP)

  • meet with sober coach to set goals and prioritize recovery while working

  • show you around the gym

  • attend 12-step meetings

  • organize your work schedule so you can prioritize staying sober

  • find a job and get to work or school

  • visit the horses

  • be amazing as a sober woman

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Sober Woman Kayaking_edited_edited.jpg


We follow the research straight out of the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), so we're doing things that make a community come together, one-to-one coaching that guides each house member and wrapped around clinical, including IOP, to dig in deep and unearth what needs to be unearthed. All the while, we hold fast to accountability and dignity.

Sense of Purpose

Work opportunities abound in our area. Challenges, whether we want them or not, come with obtaining and maintaining a good work ethic. It's not just about the paycheck, it's about the sense of purpose that comes with that paycheck. We're here to help organize, soothe over the rough spots, and make it happen. 

The boardwalk at LISA trail

At the heart of our sober houses are our coaching staff. As peers, we can be there to understand in ways that family or professionals cannot. We draw from our long relationships and detailed knowledge of the many resources on our coast to assist you in creating your own recovery. 


We believe that long-term recovery has many parts. Healing the "why" behind your addiction is one of them. We recommend clinicians and intensive outpatient programs from our area. You choose your best "fit" and truly create an individualized program to stay sober for the long-term. 


Sober living philosophy is etched in Attachment Theory. Our sober house embraces community by both our sober coaching spirit and our sober activities. 12-step is based on community and self-paced self-examination. When combined, they're a solid base for long-term sobriety.


Help you discover that your life can be an amazing

journey once you're sober!

The Marsh, Room 205

Brain Health

Many of our house members complete a eight week course of Neurofeedback with nothing short of amazing results....hear their stories. 


MacKenzie Morley died January 4, 2016. I was her aunt, her advocate, and her friend. She was a mother, wife, and daughter. Despite going to rehab three times in a row, she died at 27 of liver failure arising from her addiction. She left behind her 8 year-old son and loving family.

Enough is enough. By learning about recovery through my own experience as a recovering addict and my own children's experience getting into recovery, I added college and then worked in the recovery field. Not seeing people go into sober living because of the cost or going into sober living that offered little more than a bed, I opened a structured sober house that was reasonably priced.  We individually coach our residents to practice the proven research about community, wellness, safety and sense of purpose. It is our norm. Even though we miss our MacKenzie every day, we can extend our hand to you and your family as you seek the help your family needs to find and nurture the peace and long-lasting health you long for.


 We designed our structured sober living on the four pillars of recovery according to the research from SAMHSA. We host in-house activities that create community, assist in setting up a hand selected program of wellness, add a safe, predictable home-life where sober is cultured and help each woman build a sense of purpose.

Join Us

You may join us any time after treatment. You may have 2 years sober or 21 days (our minimum time requirement). Each person has her own program at our sober house. Each is truly unique and created and managed according to your rehab's recommendations. 

Broan Chairs


"I'm blown away by the difference in me since I came here."

Private Chef


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